About Us

The Jewelry Tray Factory

Who are we?

The jewelry tray factory is a family owned and operated business who offers custom jewelry organizers.

Where are we?

We are located in South Florida.

What do we do?

We specialize in the manufacturing of jewelry tray and Inserts with high quality products such as velvet and ultra suede fabrics. Our line of jewelry drawer organizers offers seamless corners and edges for a more luxurious appearance of the velvet jewelry tray.

Are our trays stackable jewelry trays?

Yes, you can place one on top of the other.

What is our work ethic?

We have been in business for over ten years, still providing unbeatable prices, professionalism in everything we do, and commitment to our word. Quality and punctuality are priority for us; and we cherish the opportunity you are giving us to grow our business.

What we offer?

We have different styles of jewelry tray inserts and velvet colors that meet most of our client’s needs; but without exception, our flexibility in custom sizes and designs are the highlights of our company. We can easily manufacture any jewelry tray organizer or jewelry display tray with no hassle and no extra time.​

Which charities we support?

We support agencies that protect children’s with cancer, agencies for the protection of cruelty to animals, the US veterans, environmental organizations, and agencies that protect and care for children.

Our jewelry organizer trays can be a good addition to your closet or armoire.

Thank you for choosing us!